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Regain mobility step by step. Improving your quality of life.



Proudly invented by B-Temia, Canada
A unique class of exoskeleton for rehab and community use

Our Dermoskeleton™ technology reduces musculoskeletal stress on the body structure by increasing biomechanical energy and supporting the joints. So as to achieve the purpose of restoring, maintaining and enhancing the biomechanical function.
Lightweight and personal wearable applications, weighing only 6.8kg (including battery).
The machine moves with people, and the combination of man and machine helps you achieve various actions.
Actively moving, Keeogo intelligently assist you with the part of your insufficient strength.

Keeogo is a smart powered orthosis for rehabilitation.
Keeogo is intended for medical applications such as rehabilitative training and personal assistance.

KEEOGO helps you in:

Training with Keeogo can benefit those with conditions that limit mobility such as:

Keeogo does not initiate movement.
It detect your lower body position and inteprets your intended movement, and then the motor by the knee will assist you along the way.
You are in control! Keeogo waits for you to take the lead, then it activates.